About Us

The Knoxville Guitar Society is a community- based organization that supports classical and fingerstyle guitar by hosting national and international concert artists, fostering guitar education, and engaging a wide variety of community members. The Knoxville Guitar Society also fosters the study of the guitar in private studios and at the elementary, secondary, and college levels, and encourages the development of innovative curricula in support of these ends. The Knoxville Guitar Society also promotes the guitar as an ensemble instrument, encourages composition, arrangements, and publication of ensemble music involving the guitar, and supports scholarly research into the guitar’s history and literature.

Lawrence Long founded the Knoxville Guitar Society in 1971. It is now one of the oldest guitar societies in the country and has sponsored concerts by guitarists from Russia, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The music played by these performers has ranged from the classics, Latin, and pop to the blues and all varieties in between.

Michael K. Smith, Ph.D., is the current Executive Director. Michelle Fratus is the President of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also includes the following members: Chris Lee, Jeff Comas, Jeff Fratus, Liz Rea, and John Rea.

For information, contact Dr. Smith at mikesmith@knoxvilleguitar.org

or 865-694-4108.

The mailing address for the Society is as follows:

Knoxville Guitar Society
 c/o Michael K. Smith
 308 South Peters Rd.
 Knoxville, TN 37923